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You may sign up for a Basic plan through our pricing page. The Basic plan entitles you to a set of KIYs and a 1 year software licenses to our Basic plan applications and our platform features. As we have just launched the platform, it is at the stage of trial and feedback from our valued users like you. We will continuously build and work with partners to provide you more value through the platform. For premium plan and KIY share with other KIY users, please contact us directly through our contact form.
Congratulations to receiving your set of KIYs! You are just one-step nearer. Register your email account with us by accessing Register KIY from the Account menu. By registering with us, you will be able to download the software applications and use our platform features. For our platform, you are required to use the Chrome browser and you will be guided by a step-by-step instruction from email right after registration.
You will require the Chrome browser in order to register and activate your KIYs on oneKIY. You may install the Chrome browser from Google and you will get an instruction to install a Chrome plugin for the browser to connect to the KIY. You will be guided through the registration process.
Upon email verification, you will receive an email notification with a KIY code. Go to Account > Activate KIY. Plug in the KIY and enter your KIY code. This is to ensure that you are the verified user of this KIY and the account. And you are all set to use the oneKIY platform.
Check that the browser you are using is Google Chrome. You may like to set your default browser to Chrome before click on the links in the registration emails. Or you may right-click and open link with Chrome browser. If the issue persists, please send us an email and we will try to guide you.


Each user will get a pair of KIYs. The first KIY (without the R indicator) is the User KIY. The second KIY (with the R indicator at the back) is the Rescue KIY. For registration, use the User KIY to register as this is the main KIY you will use to login to the platform.

When you have downloaded and installed the KIY application from the platform, the Rescue KIY (via the KIY app) allows you reset your password and rescue your KIY if you lose the User KIY. Keep the Rescue KIY safely as a backup to all your files.

Both the User KIY and the Rescue KIY come with their own PIN. This is to protect your KIY from being picked up by someone other than you. You may change the User PIN for your use. As KIY works on a Keep It Yourself concept, we do not have the means to reset your PIN. Only you have the ability to use the Rescue KIY to reset your User PIN.

(SUPER IMPORTANT) It will be good to remember the PIN to the Rescue KIY and where you have kept the Rescue KIY.

If you still have the Rescue KIY and its PIN with you, we have good news! If you have damaged and lost your User KIY, buy another User KIY from us and use the KIY application to recover your User KIY. Thereafter, you can still access your encrypted files on your device.
Yes! You may! Simply write to us on the number of User KIYs you would like to purchase. We will guide you how to proceed.


Every box of KIYs come with a one year license key on a sticker label within the box. After you have registered your email account with us, you will be guided to download the KIY and Hide in Cloud software applications on your device. When you launch the Hide in Cloud software, it will request for a license key to activate the KIY. The software allows you to perform encryption of files offline and on your device. When the license expires, simply purchase and renew your license via the oneKIY platform.
The yearly renewable license entitles you to a warranty of the hardware KIY and upgradable software applications as we constantly work to keep the applications and keep them up-to-date with the technology.
The Basic license includes the use of the KIY and Hide in Cloud application to help you encrypt and back up the files for local (computer) or cloud storage. Additionally, you can try out the oneKIY online data encryption features with your KIY. If you would like to use a more advanced file encryption and secure file sharing feature, please contact us for the premium license.
Hey! We just thought of you and we are building it. Our online business plan registration is currently work-in-progress. You may contact us for purchasing a set of premium license KIY to try out file share features. We do have enterprise group KIY share plans for small/medium enterprises. They enable advanced internal group file sharing or secure dedicated external group file transfers. Some of our enterprise clients are from the healthcare and financial industries. Please contact us for more information.


We will not be able to see your data if you have encrypted it using our online encryption feature. Keep It Youself is our motto and only you will be able to see your data if you have encrypted it. However, if you left it in a decrypted form optionally, we believe that you are trying it out. If it is important, use the encrypt button.

We will not use your information unless you have granted permission. Refer to our website privacy terms.

We may have to email you regarding your account or other matters related to your registration, support, license and software updates. If you believe that you should not receive certain marketing emails from us, you may unsubscribe from the mailing list through the email.


Firstly, ensure that you are using Google Chrome as the browser. If it is correct, check that you have the Chrome KIY Plugin Helper installed. If you are trying to register your account for the first time, you will be guided through email verification and registration of KIY.

If you have registered successfully and you could not encrypt any data on the platform using the "encrypt" button (it keeps hanging or loading), please contact us.

If this is not your first time encrypting data online and you noticed that the light indicator on your KIY does not light up while you encrypt, the KIY maybe faulty. Please contact us as well.

Oops we are so sorry that our site encountered issues. Your email server might have blocked the emails from us or the email may have reached your spam box. Do check your spam box to check if you have received the mails to continue the registration.

If you did not receive any emails in spam box as well, please contact us to check it for you. We may have to ask you a few questions for verification.

You may use other browsers to surf our website but you will not be able to use the hardware KIY to connect via the browser. Currently, we only support Google Chrome for the usage of the KIY. We are constantly enhancing the KIY and the applications. We will keep you informed of our updates.